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The Pudding…


  • Client referred by their banker.
  • Looking for advice on how to market their high end recreational products.


  • Distinct, regional target geography.
  • Multiple, well-established competitors.
  • Three distinct prospect pools.
  • Limited promotional monies available from product manufacturers.
  • Price range $100,000-300,000 per unit.
  • High name recognition and value association for product lines.
  • Extremely creative client


  • Best channels to accelerate name recognition.
  • Needed to narrow down promotional options.
  • Avoid “me too” approach to marketing.


  • Market to “multipliers” positioned for referrals.
  • Referral premiums for multipliers: cash or accruable credit toward their own purchase.
  • Researched and created 250-prospect database of best targets.
  • Arranged personal introductions to key referral sources.
  • Designed and distributed three-dimensional direct mail.
  • Prepared and trained staff on follow up scripts.
  • Obtained additional direct mail enclosures for use in other promotions.
  • Developed individualized branding for products.
  • Sourced complimentary promotional items.
  • Extreme customer receptivity for promotional items.
  • Direct mail and follow up in initial stages.  Referrals incoming.

“No shortage of options.  As hands-on owners, we needed a strategy that was both effective and manageable.” Purveyor of High End Watercraft.