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John Powers John Powers has been a professional marketer for over 20 years. His extensive experience encompasses both business-to-business and retail. He has worked his marketing magic within both small businesses and Fortune 250 companies. In addition, he has consulted with numerous advertising agencies as a creative advisor.

In the advertising arena, he has developed highly productive campaigns with print and electronic advertising. He is a direct mail specialist, having built highly effective mailings in local, regional, national and global settings. He is an expert in the creation and design of all manner of collateral materials.

He has recruited and trained highly successful sales teams, and was himself a sales leader in multiple industries.

His past bottom line and budgetary responsibilities have given him a keen appreciation of the importance of measurement of and revenue generation from marketing efforts.

John Powers is a regular on the business training circuit covering topics ranging from sales techniques, to marketing on a shoestring budget, to time management.

He is a recognized leader in the marketing community He has forged vital strategic partnerships with entities and individuals embracing every critical marketing service.